About us

                                                                                                                                                   Fluid Dynamic Systems  was founded  by Lionel Aust and incorporated in November 1977.  Lionel had been an apprentice with Sperry Vickers and after training, with the Marketing Department, spent two years in Glasgow establishing a Service and repair facility for them. Lionel moved back South to become the Senior Applications Engineer for Drayton Engineering Hydraulics prior to starting work for himself and establishing Fluid Dynamic Systems.

Originally Lionel operated FDS as a consultancy but as the enquiries came along he found there was a growing market for the provision of “On Site” specialist.

This market existed on “both sides of the fence” i.e. acting for the end user in the role of Hydraulic Engineer to oversee projects and specifications and ensure that the suppliers were conforming to regulations as well as acting as a mediator between the end users “wants” and the suppliers interpretation of “needs”.

A similar roll existed working on behalf of the Industry Suppliers where there was a need to act as Site Supervision to ensure that their equipment was being Installed correctly and to coordinate between sub-contractors and project managers.

As time went on it was a natural progression for FDS to incorporate Pipe Work Installations and Power Pack building.

During the 1980’s FDS was able to offer turnkey projects and was involved in several of the largest installations and commissionings with in the U.K. These included the Giant Blast Furnace at Redcar and the Con Cast Plant at Stocksbridge.

With a vast knowledge of the C.E.S 18 hydraulic standards FDS became an obvious choice for work within the B.S.C environment, this continued with the installation of the new mills within the Tube Works at Corby and went on to be awarded the contract for the Annual and Monthly Servicing of their hydraulics.

Following its success with B.S.C the company was invited to tender for work for the M.O.D. and successfully installed some large Ring Main systems at RAF St. Athan and RAF Conningsby.

The 1990’s found that Power Unit building was too competitive, most customers were more interested in price rather than performance. With cheap “off the shelf” imports flooding the market the need for CES standards became too expensive. FDS returned to its roots as a provider of “Specialist on site services” to both the End Users and OEM’s. Whilst this role has occasionally required the declaration as to “which hat we are wearing today” all our customers are happy to know that, whichever side of the fence we are on, we will ensure that the best standards of workmanship, methods and equipment are used.